The SBRC has engaged in two accreditation processes to inspire the design and construction of the facility. These accreditations drive innovation and seek to achieve sustainability in all aspects of the project.

Green Star

The Green Star rating system is a comprehensive, national, voluntary environmental rating system that evaluates the environmental design and construction of buildings and communities. Green Star rating tools are available for a range of project types, including offices, schools, hospitals, retail centres, industrial facilities and multi-unit residential properties.

The SBRC has been awarded a 6 Star Green Star – Education Design v1 certified rating from the Green Building Council of Australia which represents  'World Leadership' in environmentally sustainable building practices.


Living Building Challenge

The Living Building Challenge is an international standard of sustainability encompassing all aspects of a building project. The Sustainable Buildings Research Centre was designed and built to meet this high standard and began the 12-month audit process in January 2015 to achieve this certification. After successful completion, the SBRC became the first building in Australia to become certified.

Living Building Challenge Guidelines


The Living Building Challenge Petals

Net Zero Energy

  • 160kW onsite photovoltaic renewable energy system
  • 168 Solar Panels

Net Zero Water

  • Onsite rainwater harvesting and treatment system
  • 65000L water tank to sustain 30 days of operations
  • 168 Solar Panels

Endorsing products and processes that are safe for all species through time 

  • Environmentally safe materials
  • Locally-sourced materials
  • Reused materials

Maximising physical and psychological health and wellbeing

  • Natural ventilation used wherever possible 
  • Excellent natural daylighting 

Restoring a healthy coexistence with nature 

  • Green roof and green wall
  • Wider landscape requires minimal irrigation
  • Native urban species and urban agriculture

Celebrating design that creates transformative change

  • Multi-award-winning design features for human delight and inspiration
  • Connection to the landscape

Supporting a just equitable world 

  • User-friendly facility for occupants and visitors
  • Exhibition space open to the public
  • Gardens and external signage available to all
  • Annual public open day

Practising biophilic design

The Sustainable Buildings Research Centre was created to test and demonstrate technologies that will inspire the green building movement in Australia.

Read the SBRC biophilic design case study


1st in Australia to achieve Living Building Challenge certification, the world’s most rigorous proven performance standard for buildings.

International Living Future Institute

6 stars

SBRC is the first building in the Illawarra to hold 6 Green Stars for the sustainable design, construction and operation.

Green Building Council Australia