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Research Computing 

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UOW is a signatory to the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) Collaboration Agreement. Under this agreement UOW researchers receive access to high-performance and cloud computing resources and data storage at the NCI’s facilities in Canberra.

The NCI’s Raijin supercomputing environment currently comprises:

  • 84,656 cores (Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge 2.6 GHz, Broadwell 2.6 GHz) in 4416 compute nodes
  • 120 NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPUs in 30 nodes and 8 NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs in 2 nodes
  • 32 Intel Xeon Phi (64 core Knights Landing, 1.3 GHz) in 32 compute nodes
  • 300 Terabytes of main memory
  • Hybrid FDR/EDR Mellanox Infiniband full fat tree interconnect (up to 100 Gb/sec)
  • 8 Petabytes of high-performance operational storage capacity

How to get Access

Applications for HPC resources from academic staff (for new and existing projects) are welcome, and are governed by the UOW HPC Steering Committee. Requests for access are initially reviewed by the HPC Steering Committee Chair and Research Services Office, and endorsed by the full HPC Steering Committee at meetings throughout the year. Applications for HPC resources by currently enrolled students are welcome but proposed projects must be lead by an established academic staff member (post-doc equivalent or higher).

HPC Access Requests

Further details on HPC access and resource requests are available here.

HPC Support

Operational HPC support requests (for example, queue issues, compilation failures, application/library installation requests, etc.) are processed by our support partner, NCI.

Please raise such requests via the NCI Support Portal - access to this portal requires an NCI account. Full details on the NCI account registration process are available here.

Last reviewed: 3 September, 2018