Introduction to Research Ethics:
Issues, Guidelines, Principles and Values

This module is designed to provide a basic introduction to human research ethics.

Two approaches are offered - an historical narrative to introduce you to the ideas of human research ethics, PART A, and a case-study approach to give you the opportunity to apply your developing knowledge, PART B. You can begin either at Part A or B. In PART B, to gain full value, it is recommended that you answer all the questions on all of these case studies.

PART C introduces the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research, NHMRC, ARC, UA (2007)

  1. Human research ethics and the National Statement: a overview and a history
  2. A case study introduction: opportunity to identify ethical issues you see in typical research studies,
  3. The National Statement; values, principle and guidelines: the language and structure of the National Statement.

You can begin either at Part A or B, depending on whether you prefer an overview (Part A) or a case-study approach (Part B). However in order to complete Module 4: Assessment, you will need to complete all Parts of Module 1: Introduction.