On-Line Research Integrity Course

Human Research Ethics

Welcome to the University of Wollongong on-line human research ethics course designed for researchers and members of human research ethics committees.

There is an INTRODUCTION MODULE that offers basic knowledge of the historical and international contexts of contemporary human research ethics in Australia. This is designed for those with no prior involvement in human research ethics.

Modules 2 to 5 each focus on one of the four basic principles of the National Statement:

Completion will add to your understanding of these principles and values that form the basis of the ethics of human research and increase your familiarity with using the National Statement in your human research ethics work.

We hope that you will enjoy the opportunity that the course offers.

Experience suggests that you need to allow about 4 hours to complete the course and that attempting one module at a time is a suitable way to do so.

Module 6: Assessment, is designed for University of Wollongong students. It comprises two full length case studies. To complete the assessment, you need to answer the questions on ONE of these case studies.

When you complete Module 6; Assessment correctly, advice of your successful completion will be emailed to the University administration so that a record of this completion can be added to your student record.