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Our Research Publications

The Research and Innovation Division's collection of publications aims to showcase our research impact and engagement- available in both printed and digital formats

Please Note: For scholarly outputs (such as published papers in journals) search UOW Scholars

Research Impact Series

Each installment of this series celebrates a variety of impact being created by our researchers, partners and the community.

Also viewable in printed format on Issuu.

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40 Years of Research Impact

Featuring 40 outstanding research highlights to coincide with celebrations to commemorate UOW's 40th year as an independent institution

UOW Women of Impact

An initiative celebrating the work of outstanding women at UOW and our involvement in SAGE (Science in Australia Gender Equity)

Partners for Research Impact

An initiative celebrating UOW's partnerships with industry, government, external providers and the community

Research & Innovation Magazine

Our twice yearly magazine with in-depth profiles of UOW research, and research news.

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2017 | Issue 2

NSW Scientist of the Year to the global list of most highly cited, to our research students changing the way we approach shark conservation and management - R&I magazine brings you more innovative projects and people from UOW

2017 | Issue 1

Including our latest research in cancer treatment, social media for social change, art and science collaboration and the health benefits of the humble plum

2017 Online Articles

Articles from all of 2017 collated in the one place, for easier reading on the go

2018 Online Articles

Articles from all of 2018 collated in the one place, for easier reading on the go

Last reviewed: 9 April, 2018