Research Priorities

Research Priorities


From 3D bioprinting, materials engineering and medicinal chemistry to social transformation, UOW’s major research facilities and strengths are working tirelessly to solve complex, real-world problems. Our local, national and global partnerships with other institutions and industry work towards building a sustainable and equitable future for the 21st century.

Major research facilities

UOW brings together academic strengths, purpose built facilities and partnerships with key external organisations to drive transformative research.

UOW research strengths

UOW’s research activities play a major role in shaping regional innovation and in helping to find solutions to some of society’s biggest issues.

Externally-funded Centres

UOW partners with external organisations to provide research and development capability in a number of key research areas.

Global Challenges Program

Designed to develop creative and community-engaged interdisciplinary research that will help drive change in our region and be translatable across the globe.

Faculty research

UOW’s faculties have a robust track record in research across a broad range of disciplines, aimed at contributing locally, nationally and internationally.

Faculty research

Strategic partnerships

UOW has developed key research partnerships and collaborations with universities, institutes and government organisations across Australia and around the world.

Last reviewed: 19 December, 2017