An official signing ceremony between FAPESP, the prestigious state based R&D funding agency in Brazil, and the University of Wollongong will greatly enhance UOW’s ability to collaborate with our University Global Partnership Network (UGPN) partner Universidade de São Paulo (USP) and other partners within the UGPN.

The ceremony was part of the 2017 UGPN annual meeting held at the Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil from Monday 3 - Wednesday 5 April 2017. The meeting involved an overview of the partnership, updates on current collaborative projects, a visit to FAPESP, and workshops for all attendees to present their work.

The UOW research delegation (led by Professors Judy Raper and Joe Chicharo) presented at the workshops which were aimed to assist in the identification of common research areas and future collaborative projects between the four university partners in the network: the University of Wollongong, Universidade de São Paulo, North Carolina State University and the University of Surrey.

“We had 22 participants in the Early Years Development  workshop from all four UGPN institutions. In addition to learning about the work being done in the area of early childhood development (ECD) in each institution we wanted to explore if we could develop a multi-country study. Preliminary work in the lead-up to the meeting suggested there was an ‘appetite’ for this among researchers. What stood out from our discussions was the breadth of expertise across the network in complementary areas. Not just in ECD but also in related areas such as maternal health and epigenetics,”  said Professor Tony Okely, Director of Research at the Early Start Research Institute.


“At the Natural Resources workshop we talked to colleagues from Surrey and USP about new ways of using satellites and drones to map and monitor vegetation, both for health and productivity. Such research is important in Antarctica and also to assess crop productivity around the world,” said Professor Sharon Robinson, co-director of the Centre for Sustainable Ecosystem Solutions  at UOW.


The workshops:

  • Health & Biomedical Related Technologies

  • Early Years Development (co-convened by Prof. Tony Okely)

  • Natural Resources: Agriculture & Biomass Production

  • New Materials & Photonics

UOW researchers who made up the UGPN Delegation were:

Prof. Gursel Alici, Dr Jennifer Atchison, Dr Dylan Cliff, Prof. Andy Davis, Associate Prof. Jane Herbert, Prof. Dianne Jolley, Prof. Roger Lewis Prof. Tony Okely, Prof. Sharon Robinson, Dr Kerrylee Rogers, Prof. Glenn Salkeld, Prof. Colin Woodroffe Dr Rute Santos, Ms Maria Braga Salum De Abreu (PhD student).

UGPN project members meet in Wollongong

Members of a University Global Partnership Network (UGPN) funded research group focused on pollution sensing, air quality and public health, convened at the University of Wollongong on April 11. The event was organised by Associate Professor Clare Murphy and Associate Professor Stephen Wilson the Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry at UOW, who are two of a team of five currently working on a UGPN funded project titled Next generation environmental sensing for local to global scale health impact assessment.

According to UPGN, the project aims to “develop a methodology for assessing the health impact assessment through experimental investigations using low-cost pollution sensors at the local/urban scale and feed this information to numerical models for the regional/global scale assessment.”

The April 11 event was attended by other members of the project team: Professor Maria de Fatima Andrade from the University of São Paulo, Brazil (USP); Professor Yang Zhang from North Carolina State University (NCSU); and Dr Prashant Kumar from the University of Surrey (UoS) - as well as interested parties from UOW, including members of the Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry and of the SMART Infrastructure Facility.