A welcome reception has been held for the Vice-Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Scheme recipients.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Wellings and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) Professor Judy Raper acknowledged and congratulated current and newly appointed Fellows, and their mentors at the reception.

At the event, Dr Jenny Fisher and Dr Zhenguo Huang spoke about their research and Vice-Chancellor’s Fellowship journey, inspiring the new cohort of researchers.

Thirty-nine Vice-Chancellor’s Fellowships have been offered over five rounds since 2011.

The scheme has  allowed UOW to attract outstanding early career researchers to Wollongong, and support their research career. In 2017, the University will offer six three-year Fellowships.

Recent Fellows

Dr Shanaka Herath, Faculty of Business and SMART Infrastructure Facility, is working on a project titled Evaluating the value of urban location: a consumer preference-based approach to valuing urban amenity provision. This will, for the first time, put forward a comprehensive and integrated framework to overcome the existing shortcomings of house price modelling by testing and adjusting traditional assumptions about distance measurements. Dr Herath’s mentors are A/Prof Charles Harvie and Professor Pascal Perez.

Dr Chong-Yong Lee, at the Australian Institute for Innovative Materials, is researching a project titled Design and development of novel nanoporous materials for functional energy applications. This will seek to address the challenge of developing new and low cost nanostructured materials for efficient conversion and storage of energy. The incorporation of advanced 3D printing technology with this nanoporous layer enables the development of materials with unique architectures that will offer advantageous features applicable to a wide range of functional applications. He is mentored by Distinguished Professor Gordon Wallace and Dr Caiyun Wang.

Dr Ginu Rajan, Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences, is undertaking a project investigating Advanced Composite Materials Embedded with High Sensitivity Fibre Optic Sensors. He has instigated the Photonics Sensing Research Portfolio attracting additional research funding, resources and students to develop a group that has resulted in application oriented research on optical fibre sensing.  Ginu has also recently published a new book entitled Structural Health Monitoring of Composite Structures Using Fiber Optic Methods. He is mentored by Professor Jiangtao Xi  and Professor Huijun Li.