Eminent engineering and information technology researchers, Professor Zhengyi Jiang and Professor Willy Suslio, shared the Vice-Chancellor’s Researcher of the Year Award in 2016.

Announced on 19 August, in the research awards categories, a collaborative project that focuses on recovery from mental illness, research that led to one hospital implementing a type 2 diabetes screening test for all emergency department admissions and an outstanding student supervisor from the School of Chemistry also received awards.

Professor Jiang has an extensive track record in research publication and international collaboration in materials manufacturing. His partnership with Chinese company Baosteel saw his innovations in reducing ‘sticking’ in hot roll stainless steel manufacturing integrated into the production process, saving the company costs, and reducing the impacts on worker health.

“I felt very honoured that my contributions have been recognised by my University and the faculty,” Professor Jiang said.

“I also felt it was a considerable achievement as I am always proud of my research. Being recognised for it provides me stronger motivation to endeavour and lead my group to continuously develop our research capabilities. “

The Director of the Centre for Computer and Information Security, Professor Susilo’s research is at the cutting-edge of probably the biggest technology challenge of our age: cyber security. One of his most recent contributions was his invention of a short signature scheme, which has been adopted as part of the Internet Engineering Task Force standard.

Professor Susilo has published over 400 international peer-reviewed research papers in top-tier journals and conferences, with over 8,000 citations.

“I feel very honoured to have received such a prestigious award. The most important thing is that my research peers and colleagues recognise and appreciate my work,” Professor Susilo said.

The team behind the Recovery Camp, including nursing Professor Lorna Moxham, received the award for Interdisciplinary Research.

Recovery Camp is an Australian first project that operates as both a professional experience training opportunity for students of pre-registration health programs and as a recovery-focused experience for those living with a mental illness. Research to date suggests Recovery Camp increases self-efficacy and self-determination, whilst decreasing social isolation, among participants with a mental illness.

Among other outstanding UOW researchers receiving awards was Dr Jenny Fisher, whose work is focused on modelling the changing composition of the atmosphere, and has been funded by the Australian Research Council and NASA.

Vice-Chancellor’s Staff Awards - Research category recipients

Researcher of the Year
Prof Zhengyi Jiang and Prof Willy Susilo (Joint Winners)

Emerging Researcher
Dr Jenny Fisher
Highly Commended: Dr Bridget Kelly 

Interdisciplinary Research
Prof Lorna Moxham, Mr Christopher Patterson, Dr Renee Brighton, Dr Dana Perlman, Dr Susan Sumskis, Mr Tim Heffernan and Ms Ellie Taylor for Recovery Camp.

Highly Commended: Prof Paul Cooper, A/Prof Ross Gordon, Prof Gordon Waitt, Ms Katherine Butler, Ms Kate Roggeveen, Mr Michael Tibbs, Dr Georgios Kokogiannakis, Mr Clayton McDowell and Ms Laia Ledo Gomis for Energy and Illawarra. 

Outstanding Achievement in Research Partnership
A/Prof Thomas Astell-Burt, Dr Xiaoqi Feng and Western Sydney Local Health District for Taking The Heat Out Of Our Hotspot: The Western Sydney Diabetes Research Partnership 

Outstanding Achievement in Research Commercialisation, Impact and Engagement
Dr Zhenguo Huang for research collaborations with Boron Molecular 

Excellence in Research Supervision
Prof Dianne Jolley
Highly Commended: Prof Sue Bennett and Dr Nicola Evans