Budding Ideas 2014

Budding Ideas research showcase

May 2014



Budding Ideas is an afternoon showcase of the exciting research ideas to come from a cross section of early and mid career researchers. The May program featured the five researchers listed below, with links to their Budding Ideas talks. 

Siobhan McHugh Bridget Kelly | Dietitian and Public Health Expert
Combating the fat food environment around us
Peter Siminski Quentin Hanich | International Policy Consultant
Political stalemate - Transparency and fairness can save our oceans
Shahriar Hossain Long Nghiem | Environmental Engineer
Transforming wastewater treatment plants to power stations & phosphorus quarries
Peter Kelly Jenny Fisher | Atmospheric Chemist 
Filling in the gaps - Using models to interpret the earth's changing atmosphere
Lezanne Ooi Justin Yerbury | Neuroscientist
Shape shifters - The role of protein folding in the progression of Motor Neurone Disease