Big Ideas 2017

About the UOW Big Ideas Festival

From turning body heat into electricity, medical marijuana, the future of bushfires to human history and the politics of extinct animals, the UOW Big Ideas Festival showcases the University’s ground-breaking research from our outstanding researchers.

On Wednesday 4 October 2017, eleven UOW professors presented short, 10 minute talks about the big ideas behind their work. Interactive research stalls, live music, and entertainment were also part of the evening.

Speakers - 2017

 Nadia Solowij
Professor Nadia Solowij | Faculty of Social Sciences

"Slender in the Grass: A scientist caught in the maelstrom" 

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Watch Nadia's UOW Big Ideas Presentation

 Nick Zwar
Professor Nick Zwar | Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health

"Playing hide and seek – why does it matter in health care?"

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 Pauline McGuirk
Professor Pauline McGuirk | Faculty of Social Sciences

"How smart are smart cities?"

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 Jun Chen
Professor Jun Chen | Australian Institute for Innovative Materials

"Wearable Technology: Turning body heat into electricity"

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 Ross Bradstock
Senior Professor Ross Bradstock | Faculty of Science Medicine and Health

"The future of bushfires: Are we ready for the Big Burn?"

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 Fiona Probyn Rapsey
Professor Fiona Probyn-Rapsey  |  Faculty of Law Humanity and Arts

"Extinct and Eradicated: Animal States of Australia"

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Professor Tim Flannery | Environmentalist

"Sunlight and seaweed: A way to transform our future?"

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 Zenobia Jacobs
Professor Zenobia Jacobs | Faculty of Science Medicine and Health

"Lighting up the ancient human past"

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 Barbara Meyer
Professor Barbara Meyer | Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health

"The fishy business of pregnancy"

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 Maarten de Laat
Professor Maarten de Laat | Learning Teaching and Curriculum

"Using social analytics to change learning landscapes"

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 Valerie Linton
Professor Valerie Linton | Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences

"IF...? The future of intelligent fabrication"

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Watch Valerie's UOW Big Ideas Presentation

 Paul Cooper
Senior Professor Paul Cooper | Sustainable Buildings Research Centre

"Living Buildings: Towards a Restorative Future"

Last reviewed: 24 November, 2017