Big Ideas 2015

Big Ideas Festival 2015

UOW's newest professors shared their potentially world-changing research at the second Big Ideas Festival, attended by over 400 people, on Tuesday 25 August 2015. The festival, an initiative of UOW’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) Professor Judy Raper, saw 12 of the University's recently promoted and appointed professors sharing their research with the public and industry. Interactive research stalls, live music and networking drinks capped off two sessions of short 10-minute talks on a range of topics, from 3D printed edible robots to deciding when children are to blame for their actions.   

Speaker profiles

Andy Davis

Prof. Andy Davis | Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health
Avoiding the great Australian bite

Madeleine du Toit profile

Prof. Madeleine du Toit | Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
I am Titanium

Daniel Hutto

Prof. Daniel HuttoFaculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts
You can't handle the truth!

Marc de Rosnay BIF Small

Prof. Marc de RosnayFaculty of Social Sciences
When are children to blame for their actions?

Robin Warner

Prof. Robin Warner | Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts
The last great frontier of ocean governance

Rob Kapsa BIF2015

Prof. Robert KapsaAustralian Institute for Innovative Materials
Tendrils of human thought from within a seaweed brain?

Antoine BIFsmall

Prof. Antoine van OijenFaculty of Science, Medicine and Health
The molecular machines of life under the magnifying glass

Louise D'Arcens

Prof. Louise D'Arcens | Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts
'Getting medieval?" The middle ages in modern politics

Marie Ranson small 2

Prof. Marie RansonFaculty of Science, Medicine and Health
Taking cancer personally

Huijun Li

Prof. Huijun LiFaculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
Green nuclear power

Sue Bennett BIFsmall

Prof. Susan Bennett | Faculty of Social Sciences
The dangerous idea of the digital native

Marc in het panhuis BIFsmall

Prof. Marc in het PanhuisFaculty of Science, Medicine and Health
3D-printing robots in jelly

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