Big Ideas 2015

Marc in het panhuis BIF Large

PROF. Marc in het panhuis 


"My research focuses on synthesis of hydrogels, their mechanical and electrical characterisation and processing using 3D/4D printing techniques".

3d-printing robots with jelly

Jelly - a soft, wet and squishy substance, can be found in many kitchens around the world. 3D-printing is a new technology which is changing manufacturing and other industries. Traditional robots are made from metals and have problems picking up and handling fragile items such as an uncooked egg. So what have jelly, 3D-printing and robots have to do with each other? In this presentation, Professor Marc in het Panhuis hopes to show that jelly-type materials can be combined with 3D-printing to manufacture softer and edible robots.   

As demonstrated at the Big Ideas Festival, see how Professor in het Panhuis can 3D print Vegemite and use it to power electronics:

Professor Marc in het Panhuis is in the School of Chemistry and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials, and the Associate Dean (International) for the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health. He is a Materials Scientist with research interests involving hydrogels, 3D-printing, edible electronics and soft robotics. 

Last reviewed: 7 September, 2015