Big Ideas 2013

2013 Big Ideas Festival Speaker Presentations

Big Ideas Research BoothsAs part of the Festival, five interactive research booths were set up for our guests to learn more about the research at UOW. The booths were: AdBioFab (3D Printing), CHI Sun Protection, Solar Decathlon, Archaeological Sciences, Imaging & Vision Research. Watch the video

Stuart Thomas VideoProf. Stuart Thomas, a forensic mental health researcher with UOW's Legal Intersections Research Centre, gave a presentation titled 'Police management of psychiatric crisis incidents'. Watch the video

Catherine Cole VideoProf. Catherine Cole, the Deputy Dean of UOW's Faculty of Creative Arts, gave a presentation titled 'An Eiffel Tower in suburbia'. Watch the video

Gordon Waitt VideoProf. Gordon Waitt, a human geographer and member of the Australian Centre for Cultural Research, gave a presentation titled 'Addressing gut reactions'. Watch the video

Clive Schofield VideoProf. Clive Schofield, the Director of Research at the Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security, gave a presentation titled 'Washed away? Implications of sea level rise'. Watch the video

Ian Buchanan VideoProf. Ian Buchanan, the Director of the Institute for Social Transformation Research, gave a presentation titled 'Does 'people power' really hold the key to our future?'. Watch the video

Mark McLelland VideoProf. Mark McLelland, expert of gender and sexuality studies and ARC Future Fellow, gave a presentation titled 'Thought policing or protection of youth?'. Watch the video

Aidan Sims VideoProf. Aidan Sims, from UOW's Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, gave a presentation titled 'Quantum computing with coloured crayons'. Watch the video

Stephen Blanksby VideoProf. Stephen Blanksby, from the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Free-Radical Chemistry and Biotechnology, gave a presentation titled 'How to build a free-radical-catching-machine!'. Watch the video

 Zaiping Guo VideoProf. Zaiping Guo, from the UOW school of Mechanical, Materials, and Mechatronic Engineering, gave a presentation titled 'Designing the cars of the future'.Watch the video

Ed Arrington VideoProf. Ed Arrington, from the UOW Faculty of Commerce, gave a presentation titled 'Making accounting accountable'. Watch the video

Karl Kautz VideoProf. Karlheinz Kautz, from the School of Information Systems and Technology at UOW, gave a presentation titled 'Digital innovations for regional liveability'. Watch the video

Tony Okely VideoProf. Tony Okely, Director of the Interdisciplinary Educational Research Institute at UOW, gave a presentation titled ''Standing up' for children's wellbeing'. Watch the video

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