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2016 events

 UIB Homepage Frog Image
Photo: Dr Aimee Silla 

"Sex Cells": Using assisted reproductive technologies to save Australia's endangered frogs 

Dr Phillip Byrne, School of Biological Sciences, Evolution and Assisted Reproduction Laboratory (EARL)
5:30pm - 6:30pm, Wednesday 28 September 
Illawarra Brewery, Eastern Terrace, WIN Entertainment Centre, Cnr Crown & Harbour Sts, Wollongong 

> Photos from the event are now on Facebook

Anthropogenic environmental change is responsible for unprecedented rates of species extinction, presenting a global threat to biodiversity. Although high extinction rates have been reported for all vertebrate classes, amphibians have been the most severely affected.

Current estimates report 30.25% (1,917) of all described amphibian species are threatened with extinction. In response to this biodiversity crisis, several biological institutions, have established captive assurance populations of critically endangered species.

While Conservation Breeding Programs (CBP’s) have initially been successful, reproductive rates in many species are too low to maintain viable populations and provide individuals for re-introduction to the wild.

Over the past five years, Dr Phillip Byrne and his team, at the Evolution and Assisted Reproduction laboratory (EARL) at the University of Wollongong have been conducting innovative research aimed at developing sophisticated Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) to enhance the propagation and genetic management of some of Australia’s most critically endangered frog species. 

Dumpster diving across disciplines: A creative writer and dietitian discuss edible food and the bin

Karen and Shady

Associate Professors Karen Charlton and Shady Cosgrove
5:30pm - 6:30pm, Wednesday 23 March

In the supermarket, a ripe, juicy tomato gets thrown out to make way for new stock. Later that evening, it's plucked from the bin by someone who uses dumpster food to cook meals in an effort to save waste. Would you do it? Should you do it?

Associate Professor Karen Charlton is an accredited practicing dietitian and registered public health nutritionist. Her research interests include diet and lifestyle interventions across the lifespan. Associate Professor Shady Cosgrove is a practicing writer and creative writing lecturer who's drafting a novel set in a Brooklyn dumpster-diving community. She's gone dumpster diving in Australia and the United States for research, and the experiences have changed her relationship to food waste.  

Together, they wrote Dumpster diving for dinner: do you have what it takes to eat 'freegan' food? for The Conversation in September 2015, exploring the culture that is 'freeganism' as well as the issues around food wastage and hygiene.  

In this talk, A/Prof. Charlton and A/Prof. Crosgrove expanded on this theme, and described how their unlikely interdisciplinary alliance came about via the topic of dumpster diving. They also dicsussed how taking yourself out of your comfort zone in research can present both opportunities and challenges.




Dr Stewart Vella
18 November 2015
Mental health and sport: Supporting the wellbeing of young men through organised sport

Professor Chris Gibson and Dr Andrew Warren
25 March 2015
The history of surfing


Professor Dan Hutto
12 November 2014
Expert Sporting Performances: Lessons from the Philosophy of Cognitive Science

Dr Lezanne Ooi
11 June 2014
Reprogrammed skin cells: Revolutionising medical research

Dr Ben Maddison
26 March 2014
Tales from Antarctica - beset in ice


Dr Susan Hayes
20 March 2013
From homicide to Hobbits

Professor Paul Cooper
10 April 2013
Designing a sustainable future

Associate Professor Samantha Thomas
14 August 2013
The impact and extent of sports betting marketing in Australia


Professor Tony Okley
17 October 2012
Childhood obesity: The skinny of what really works in preventing unhealthy weight gain in kids

Dr Peter Siminski
15 August 2012
I was only 19 45 years ago: What can we learn from Australia's Conscription Lotteries?

Professor Lesley Head
2 May 2012
Dilemmas of household sustainability


Dr Siobhan McHugh
2 November 2011
The power of voice

Professor David Griffith and Dr Clare Murphy
17 August 2011
Greenhouse gases from fires and farming

Dr Simon Moulton
25 May 2011
Medical bionics

Associate Professor Stephen Blanksby and Dr Phil Barker
16 March 2011
From clothes pegs to cataracts to COLORBOND steel: Free-radicals in everyday life


Dr Mary Kaidonis and Professor Brian Andrew
13 October 2010
Will there be any change left after we change for climate change?

Professor Sandra Jones
25 August 2010
Everything I need to know about my health is on TV - but most of it is wrong

Dr Jason Wilson
26 May 2010
Social media, political tragics and the future of journalism

Professor Greg Price
17 March 2010
A black hole in international law: Transnationally networked armed conflict


21 October 2009
Associate Professor Lori Lockyer
Ruben's Wiki - Today's educational opportunity? Tomorrow's obsolescence?

26 August 2009
Associate Professor Chris Gibson
Serious fun: Festivals and the revitalisation of rural Australia

20 May 2009
Associate Professor Paul Cooper
Surfing the green wave: Clean energy from ocean waves and currents

11 March 2009
Dr Pia Winberg and Associate Professor Andy Davis
South Coast marine parks: Benefits, biodiversity and baited underwater videos


22 October 2008
Associate Professor Sharon Robinson
Climate change makes life tougher for Antarctic plants

20 August 2008
Dr Adam Dolnik
What do we know about why people become terrorists?

7 May 2008
Professor Wilf Yeo
Modern medicine: How long can we live?

19 March 2008
Associate Professor Wilma Vialle
Pink or Paris: Girls, giftedness and popular culture


3 October 2007
Professor Ross Bradstock
Exploring some favourite myths about bushfires

Dr Kris French
Creating ecosystems: can we do as well as evolution?

25 July 2007
Professor Greg Schiemer and Janys Hayes
The Pocket Gamelan - is your mobile out of tune?

16 May 2007
Dr Katina Michael and Dr M Michael
The rise of Homo Electricus

7 March 2007
Professor Mike Morwood, Professor Bert Roberts and Dr Kira Westaway
Island biogeography and a mysterious disappearance: The strange tale of the Hobbits of Flores


20 September 2006
Professor Jan Wright
The obesity epidemic: a moral panic?

28 June 2006
Professor Thomas Madsen
Was T. Rex warm blooded? A study of pythons and rats in tropical Australia

17 May 2006
Alan Wearne and Shady Cosgrove
How NOT to write a best seller

22 March 2006
Dr Chris Turney
Bones, Rocks and Stars: The science of when things happened 


12 October 2005
Professor Gordon Wallace, Dr Simon Moulton and Andrew Minett

10 August 2005
Professor Joe Ciarrochi
Emotional Intelligence

Professor Frank Deane with Troy Coyle 
The fear of dying

8 June 2005
Carla Mooney
River Health and Management

Paul Formosa
The role of communities in shaping environmental values

6 April 2005
Professor Mark Wilson
Protein folding diseases

Professor Julie Steele
The Intelligent Knee Sleeve 


15 September 2004
Business Standards: A turnoff for small enterprises

18 August 2004
Why are our children getting fatter?

14 July 2004
Engineering Harmonicas for fiddle tunes

16 June 2004
Space: The final frontier

5 May 2004
Special Innovation Week Session: Chess Pieces

14 April 2004
Ned Kelly: Hero or Villian?

17 March 2004
Real life CSI and forensic science


10 December 2003
Get excited and shout Yahoo about web portals - gateways to your community

26 November 2003
Tsunamis and Coastal Real Estate

12 November 2003 (Inaugural Uni in the Brewery)
The History, art and science of brewing beer 

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