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Why a University?

Innovation is increasingly crucial to the competitiveness of businesses, whether it be in the development of new products and services, or in the way they do business. Research and development is a key component of innovation.

Whilst some businesses are able and prefer to conduct all research and development in house, there are also many benefits associated with working with universities such as UOW. Universities have knowledge, expertise and resources not available to most businesses and tapping into these can overcome otherwise insoluble problems and greatly decrease time to market. 

Why UOW?

UOW is committed to bringing about change through innovation, based on strong partnerships. UOW has a proud track record of developing business and commercial solutions to real world problems. We develop both our own ideas from independent research and well as that conducted in conjunction with or on behalf of businesses and other organisations.

UOW researchers want to see their research come alive. Many of them have worked in industry, so understand the business environment and crucially how to communicate what is being done and what is needed. 

UOW can work with your organisation in many ways:

  • We provide expertise to businesses to further develop a product developed in house through short term consultancies.  Increasingly, these projects are leading to long term partnerships, where UOW and the company provide different, complementary knowledge and resources.  The creation of these long term partnerships is a measure of our success.
  • UOW is a rich breeding ground for brilliant new ideas. Our researchers have developed many highly innovative products, some of them having the potential to be game changers. 
  • UOW also is skilled at leveraging support from Government programs available to reduce the financial risk to businesses.
  • We have a multidisciplinary approach to research so businesses can access expertise in a number of different areas for more complex problems.

We aim to be fast and flexible and respond rapidly to customers’ needs and transaction costs are kept low in contract negotiations. 

We understand the concerns of businesses with respect to Intellectual Property so we look for arrangements which meet the needs of both parties - in the case of the business, the ability to market the results of the research.

For examples of how UOW researchers have worked with businesses and other organisations, read about our Case Studies.

Research Priorities

Learn more about our Research Priorities.

Last reviewed: 21 March, 2017