Technology Commercialisation

Technology commercialisation

Technologies for commercialisation are grouped by research areas:

UOW is a rich source of novel concepts and technologies. UOW’s Commercialisation Managers (CMs) work closely with researchers to identify ideas which have real commercial potential. UOW works with businesses and investors to protect and commercialise the latest in UOW’s technologies.

In some cases, the technology will be technically proven and ready for an early stage licence. In other cases, there may an opportunity for a business to be a partner in further research and development, potentially leveraging support from Government programs such as Australian Research Council Linkages or Commercialisation Australia.

CMs proactively search for investors who may be interested in our technologies. However, if you learn of a UOW technology which you believe could complement your business get in touch.

If you are a Venture Capitalist or Angel Investor, please review our entire current range of projects where we have proprietary Intellectual Property and are ready for investment support and/or licensing and/or spin-out. You might find something that matches your preferred investment portfolio.

The CM will initially discuss with you in general the technology and options for commercialising or further developing it. If you are interested in pursuing it further, the MIC will organise a meeting with the researcher who will explain the technical details of the technology. Should you, after completing your due diligence, decide to proceed, the MIC will negotiate with you suitable arrangements.

Last reviewed: 7 August, 2017