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Innovative Materials, Engineering & Manufacturing

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Portable Anti-Compton Isotope Detection Probe 

UOW Researchers have developed a compact anti-compton gamma probe for portable detection of contrabnd radioactive materials at airports, ports, trains stations ...etc. This technology will assist with the identification of radioactive materials potentially being illegally transported. 

  Contact: Holly 


Advanced Graphene containing materials for Supercapacitor & Battery Applications

UOW has a proprietary technology related to high volume production of high performance graphene containing materials with exceptional charge carrying capability.
  Contact: George 


 electric vehicles

Advanced Lithium Battery Materials for Electric Vehicles

Compared to currently available batteries, these materials are ideal candidates for delivering lower cost, longer cycle life, high energy capacity, and higher charge rate batteries. 
  Contact: George 


 Graphene on Tap pic

Graphene on Tap

A simple approach to large-scale production of graphene.
  Contact: George 



Magnesium Diboride Based Superconducting Materials

High temperature superconducting materials based on new and novel doping agents.
  Contact: George


 steel storage

Racking Progressive Collapse Prevention

UOW researchers have developed a solution to isolate Racking Progressive Collapse incidents. 
  Contact: George

 spin gapless

Spin Gapless Materials

A new class of materials different to insulators, semiconductors or metal with remarkable electron behaviour, with revolutionary applications in electronics, sensors and optics.
  Contact: George

 spin gapless 2

Spintronic Devices Base in SpinGapless Materials

Spin-gapless materials are uniquely suited for a range of new generation devices exhibiting interesting Spintronic characteristics. These devices could potentially form the foundation of the next-generation of high performance computers. 
  Contact: George


Last reviewed: 11 December, 2017