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iAccelerate Project

iAccelerate is a University of Wollongong initiative that is tailored to help build and grow your business. The iAccelerate program is designed around a robust educational program, formalised business acceleration monitoring and one-to-one mentoring.

iAccelerate offers startups the unique opportunity to partner with a university comprising over 30,000 students, 2,000 staff and a significant portfolio of faculties and business units. UOW activities generate over $2 billion in economic activity each year and it is an extraordinary partner to have on your path to success. 

iAccelerate utilises a multi-faceted approach to accelerating sustainable business growth to deliver the greatest economic impact. We offer a two stream program with up to a three-year incubation period - unique in the Australian startup landscape.

iAccelerate initiative consists of:

  • iAccelerate Start - An ideas incubator for early stage businesses

  • iAccelerate Advanced - A tailored business acceleration program for more advanced companies with high growth potential

  • iAccelerate Club - Engagement with successful entrepreneurs and networking opportunities

  • iAccelerate Mentor - Expert advice, knowledge sharing, support, peer-to-peer

  • iAccelerate Pitch - Present to key industry experts, receive feedback, practice, polish

  • iAccelerate Educate - Tailored education program around delivering key knowledge areas 

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An ideas incubator for early stage ideas and businesses. iAccelerate Start assists you in refining and validating your idea an business. An open plan professional co-working space, with entry-level mentoring and professional services. In addition, residents will have access to educational lectures and networking.

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A tailored business acceleration program for more advanced companies with high growth potential. The iAccelerate Advanced Program is built around metrics and milestone based reviews, tracked by best-in-class business incubation software. Our program is built around professional knowledge experts and mentors providing startups with advice and training around core skills required to develop into successful high growth businesses. This process provides a tangible roadmap of goals to achieve rapid scale and growth.

The Advanced program emphasises dedicated and customised support to facilitate:

  • A profitable commercial scale product launch
  • Development of an effective rapid growth strategy, and
  • Attraction of venture capital resources needed for such expansion.

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Residents gain access to our business mentor network to support and accelerate growth, traction and contacts with relevant industries. Our mentors and advisors are sourced locally, nationally and internationally to ensure you receive the best support available for your business.  

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iAccelerate Entrepreneur Club focuses on entrepreneurial leader engagement with 1,000+ registered participants and strong engagement with students, staff and the greater Illawarra business community. A key initiative is the engagement with entrepreneurial women via our breakfast series.  

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A tailored education program built around delivering key knowledge areas deemed critical in building successful startup businesses. The program is delivered in a combination of formats from free lunchtime lectures to half-day workshops and full-day training delivered by experienced entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts, and paid professional advisors. 

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A platform for entrepreneurs, innovators and high growth SMEs to practice, polish and pitch their business ideas to experts and investors. iAccelerate Pitch represents a complete pitching series that entails pitching workshops, professional presentation training sessions and connections to investor and advisor networks. 

To learn more about iAccelerate please visit www.iaccelerate.com.au, join us on Facebook or drop us a line.

Last reviewed: 14 June, 2017