Commercial Research

Commercial research

icr teamICR has administrative responsibility for commercial research at UOW. 

Our role is to link you with the appropriate researcher, expert or facility. We will then guide you through the process of engaging UOW to perform the services that you require from us.

ICR can connect you to the full range of expertise available at UOW, which ranges from applied engineering, to business solutions, to health sciences, to policy development and beyond.

The steps involved in accessing UOW research expertise are:

1. Initial contact

Whether you know a researcher or are unsure whether UOW has the skills and capabilities to match your requirements, contact ICR.  ICR will link you to the appropriate UOW researcher and ensure that your enquiry is followed-up on. > Contact Bruce Thomson

2. Project scoping

You will discuss your requirements directly with the UOW researcher or researchers including deliverables and timeframe.  Once you have established that the project is feasible and agreed on these details, ICR will work with the UOW researcher to develop a project proposal and quote.

As with any business transaction, a number of factors will be taken into account into costing the project, including:

  • The salaries of staff involved and the cost of replacing their teaching time
  • Other resources used, including office/laboratory facilities and specialised equipment
  • Intellectual Property arrangements. 

3. Contract

Karen McRaeOnce you agree to the fee, payment terms and project proposal, both parties will need to agree on terms. A contract can be prepared by your organisation or by UOW.  ICR may negotiate specific intellectual property or commercial terms with you.  

ICR has developed a fast track contract system which dramatically reduces the time required to get your project up and running.

> For more information on this process, contact Stuart Parker or Karen McRae.

4. Delivery of the service

Once the contract is signed, the researcher can commence work on the project.  At any stage of the project and once it is completed, you can contact ICR with any concerns or want to provide feedback.

> Please contact Stuart Parker or Karen McRae.

Last reviewed: 21 March, 2017