Becoming a Supervisor: Expectations & Resources

Checklist for Supervisors

At the first interview:

Within the first year:

  • Begin discussions/preparations for the Research Proposal Review. All Postgraduate Research students must present a formal research proposal in their first year of enrolment in their thesis subject. Continuation of candidature is conditional upon successful completion of the Research Proposal Review.
  • Advise if candidates will need to apply for Ethics Approval. Does the research involve human subjects, animals or genetic manipulation? If so, candidates will need to complete an ethical application before the research can begin..At the end of the academic year:
  • The Annual Progress Report (APR) needs to be completed by both the candidate and Principal supervisor.
  • The Head of Postgraduate Studies and the Dean of the Faculty need to approve the APR before it is returned to the Graduate Research School.
  • APRs are compulsory and are an important and formal means to monitor research student progress.
    • Each report should be a frank appraisal of the student's progress by both the supervisor and the student.
    • The annual report is the means by which the University assesses whether the candidature will continue into the following year.
    • The Annual Progress Report form will also provide an opportunity to check and update if necessary the details pertaining to student's full-time/part-time status, thesis title, and supervisor(s).

Problems during the year ...

Last reviewed: 12 September, 2017
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