Problems with writing

If you are having problems with writing, the Learning Resource Centre can provide a range of assistance, including one-to-one tutoring and English language workshops. Postgraduate research students are also encouraged to attend Thesis Writing Workshops.



Plagiarism means using the ideas of someone else such as an author, critic, journalist, artist, composer, lecturer, tutor or another student without giving them proper credit.

  • Intentional plagiarism is a serious form of cheating.
  • Unintentional plagiarism can result if you don't understand and use the acceptable scholarly methods of acknowledgment.
  • In either case, the University may impose penalties which can be very severe.
  • In published writings authors are expected to give references to articles and books on which they have relied, and to give written thanks to people who have helped them in preparing their work. There are several methods for giving credit in written work and students should familiarise themselves with acceptable practice in their disciplines.
  • An explanation of the University's Acknowledgement Practice (avoiding Plagiarism) is contained in the Course Rules.
Last reviewed: 5 July, 2010
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