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Tuition fees for overtime Domestic HDR students

Exceeding course time limits

Domestic HDR students who have accrued EFTSL of > 4.5 for doctoral students and >2.5 for masters by research students are classified as overtime in their studies and are liable to pay fees for the remainder of their degrees.

An accrued EFTSL is the effective full time study period of a student’s candidature. For example an accrued EFTSL of 4.5 represents 4.5 years of full time study or 9 years of part-time study.

The fees are $11,500 per session for full-time students and $5,750 per session for part-time students. Australian citizens are eligible to apply for fee help loans.

Students who believe they have legitimate special circumstances, as defined in the Fees Policy, may apply for a sessional Domestic Postgraduate Tuition Award (DPTA).

To be eligible to apply the extenuating circumstances must have occurred during the session before the requested DPTA.

These tuition scholarships are reviewed and approved by the Dean of Research.

See the special circumstances as defined in 11.3 of the Fees Policy.

Also note the special circumstances do not include:

  • Lack of knowledge or understanding of this policy or government legislation
  • A failure to follow correct University procedures
  • A person's incapacity to repay a HELP debt

The deadline for DPTA applications is 27 February (for Autumn Session) and 27 July (for Spring Session).

Last reviewed: 11 July, 2017
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