Information for Current Research Students

EFTSL – Equivalent Full-Time Student Load

EFTSL is used to measure a students study load. 1.0 EFTSL = 1 year of Full-time study (or part-time equivalent ie. 1 year part-time = 0.50 EFTSL).

Exceeding time limits

HDR student will not be permitted to accrue more than 1.5 years over the standard time limits for their HDR degree.

All HDR candidates deemed to have exceeded maximum time limits, as per table below, will be automatically placed on probation by GRS for 6 months and MUST have their thesis ready for submission at the end of that 6 month probation period. If the thesis is not ready for submission at the end of the 6 month probation period the student’s candidature will be discontinued.


Time Limit


Automatic Probation EFTSL*

Master of Philosophy (previously Masters by Research)



Doctor of Philosophy (100% thesis)



Professional Doctorates: DBA, DCA, EdD, DPH (1/3rd coursework and 2/3rd thesis)



Doctor of Psychology (Clinical)



Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology)



Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated)




*EFTSL = Equivalent Full time Student Load

HDR Students and their supervisor(s) will be notified formally by GRS when a HDR student has reached overtime status. GRS will also send lists to Faculties for their review. At this time supervisors will be asked to advise GRSof any extenuating circumstances affecting the student's research progress. Only after receipt of Faculty responses will GRS action probation or termination, based on Faculty /School recommendations.

For those with legitimate reasons, approved by the Faculty, GRS would allow an agreed amount of time before reviewing again with regards to the student's time limits and the way forward.

Any contentious or long term cases would be referred to the Dean of Research for consideration.

Last reviewed: 16 March, 2016
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