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Course Transfers

1. Upgrading from Masters or a Professional Doctorate to Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

To transfer from a Masters by Research degree or a Professional Doctorate to a Doctor of Philosophy in the same field of study the candidate must:

A     Have completed sufficient study in the Masters-Research or Professional Doctorate program at this University to allow an assessment of the capacity of the student to undertake independent research at a Doctoral Level. This would normally mean that candidates admitted to a program greater than 48 credit points would complete required coursework components of the degree and have completed approximately nine months of equivalent full-time candidature of their thesis component1 prior to application to transfer to a PhD;
B.     Prove their capacity to undertake independent research by presenting a seminar reporting on the research topic to a group which must include:
            i. the primary supervisor, and/or co-supervisors
            ii. a member of the Faculty Research Committee (FRC) or the Head of Postgraduate Studies (HPS); and
            iii. an independent academic staff member with appropriate disciplinary expertise to appraise the research and requested transfer

The primary supervisor will prepare the Course Transfer Report on the candidates seminar which should be signed by the HPS. Once signed the final report will then be forwarded to the Graduate Research School for action.  

2.Downgrading from Doctor of Philosophy to Masters by Research - Voluntary Downgrades:

Should a student wish to downgrade from a Doctor of Philosophy to a Masters by Research degree, the Supervisor should approve the transfer and complete the Course Transfer Report to be sent to the Graduate Research School who will adjust the enrolment accordingly.

3. Downgrading from Doctor of Philosophy to Masters by Research - Forced Downgrades:

Academic staff wishing to downgrade HDR student’s candidature to a Masters by Research degree as a result of inadequate progress noted in their Research Proposal Review or Probation Report or other process must provide a written report to the Dean of Research for consideration.

4.Downgrading from a Higher Degree Research to a Coursework Degree

Under the current higher education legislation, it is not possible for students in a research degree to exit with a coursework degree. Students may transfer between research degrees as detailed above, cease HDR enrolment and apply for admission to a coursework program as a new course. Prior study may be granted as advanced standing, as per Course Rules 5.15-5.18. 

Last reviewed: 10 November, 2016
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