Potential candidates

Joint Postgraduate Award (JPA)

Joint PhD students enrol at UOW and an overseas institution as part of a formal agreement governing a joint doctoral degree. They must spend a minimum of one year at each institution. The JPA is intended to support students while they are based at UOW and is available to both domestic and international candidates.

Eligibility Criteria: Enrolment in the joint PhD program.

Selection Criteria: The academic merit, research potential and track record of the candidate. The history and quality of the collaboration between the UOW supervisor(s) and the supervisor(s) based at the overseas institution. The reputation of the overseas institution and its stragetic fit with the UOW research mission.

Stipend for 2015: $25,849 non-taxable. Stipend is indexed annually.

Duration of Award: Up to 18 months full time, whilst the candidate is based at UOW.

Applications: Accepted at any time.

Last reviewed: 31 July, 2015