Enrolment management

Enrolment Process For New HDR Students

Domestic Students

All new domestic students are able to complete the self-enrolment process online. A step by step guide to the domestic enrolment process can be found using the below link. 

Domestic Enrolment Guide

International Students

International students are required to present themselves at the Graduate Research School, located in Building 20, Level 1 prior to self-enrolment taking place. A step by step guide to the international enrolment process can be found using the below link.

International Enrolment Guide 

Coursework Enrolments

HDR candidates who are admitted to a Master of Philosophy (previously called a Masters by Research), Professional Doctorate or the Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated) are required to complete coursework subjects prior to, commencing the thesis component of their degree. Supervisors requiring HDR students to complete coursework MUST include the subject details in the HDR application approval process so that they can be included in the HDR admission offer letter. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring subjects are compliant with approved course structures.

Re-Enrolment Process For Continuing HDR Students

All re-enrolling HDR students will be re-enrolled automatically at the beginning of each academic year by the Graduate Research School, once a satisfactory Annual Progress Report (APR) has been approved by the Associate Dean (Research) or nominee (Refer also to Section 8 of the HDR Handbook).

Enrolment & Candidature Changes for HDR students

Completed PDF forms (i.e. those requests not submitted via SOLS) should be returned to the Graduate Research School in person or via email to graduate-research-school@uow.edu.au.  

Tuition Fees for Overtime Domestic HDR Students

Exceeding Course Time Limits

Domestic HDR students who have accrued an Equivalent Full Time Study Load (EFTSL) of >4.5 for doctoral students and >2.5 for masters of philosophy/research students are classified as overtime in their studies and are liable to pay fees for the remainder of their degrees.

An accrued EFTSL is the effective full time study period of a student’s candidature. For example an accrued EFTSL of 4.5 represents 4.5 years of full time study or 9 years of part-time study.

The fees are $12,120 per session for full-time students and $6,060 per session for part-time students. Australian citizens are eligible to apply for fee help loans.

Students who believe they have legitimate special circumstances, as defined in the Fees Policy, may apply for a sessional Domestic Postgraduate Tuition Award (DPTA).

You must attach a letter, of no more than 2 x A4 pages outlining your special circumstances and explaining how these have affected your HDR studies.

See the special circumstances as defined in section 11.3 of the Fees Policy.

All special circumstances described in your DPTA application must have supporting documentation. See section 12 of the Fees Policy, which describes valid forms of supporting documentation. Note that if this documentation is not provided then your DPTA application will be rejected.

The DPTA applications are reviewed and approved by the Dean of Research.

Also note the special circumstances do not include:

  • Lack of knowledge or understanding of this policy or government legislation
  • A failure to follow correct University procedures
  • A person's incapacity to repay a HELP debt

The deadline for DPTA applications is 27 February (for Autumn Session) and 27 July (for Spring Session).

Last reviewed: 27 February, 2019