Advice and support

There are a number of personnel available to all of our UOW Researchers to consult with in relation to Research Integrity and Ethics:

Research Integrity Advisors (or RIAs)

To comply with the requirements of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research the University (UOW) has appointed Research Integrity Advisers (RIAs) to promote research integrity and responsible research practices.

What does an RIA do?

RIA’s provide independent advice to staff and students who may be unsure or have a concern about the conduct of research at UOW or in collaboration with UOW.
RIAs are appointed to provide guidance and advice to staff and students on responsible research practices as outlined in the Code, University policies and procedures, and other guidelines and legislation relevant to their disciplines.
Staff and students who may be unsure about the conduct of research being conducted at UOW or in collaboration with UOW should consult with an RIA to obtain:

  • advice on responsible research conduct;
  • awareness of the options available to resolve a matter locally; and
  • details of the process for making a formal allegation of research misconduct

All RIA consultations are treated as confidential

RIA’s will keep a log of the number and types of enquiries they receive and report this to the Research Integrity Officer on a quarterly basis to assist with the development of training and additional support resources.

What does an RIA NOT do?

RIA’s do not undertake any of the following:

  • Act as an advocate for or on behalf of any person;
  • Make contact with the person who is the subject of your concern;
  • Investigate or manage any formal concerns pertaining to or allegations of research misconduct;
  • Provide advice if it is a matter where they perceive they have a conflict of interest; and/or
  • Manage issues of sexual harassment or bullying.

For these types of matters staff or students should consult with their supervisor, another senior staff member, HR Representative or contact the UOW Complaints Management Centre. In the event the RIA has identified a Conflict of Interest they will refer you to another impartial RIA to assist you.

When should I speak with an RIA?

Any person including researchers, staff, students, members of the external community, may speak with an RIA if they:

  • Are in need of confidential advice about an issue that they think may be research misconduct;
  • Are unsure about a research conduct matter;
  • Need information about UOW policies and procedures related to research misconduct; or
  • Would like to obtain some independent advice from someone who is not in their School or Faculty.

What should I do before meeting with an RIA?

Before meeting or speaking with an RIA it’s is a good idea to be a bit prepared.
At least read and be familiar with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, be able to describe your concern and how it relates to this document.
Bring any evidence or samples with you that support your concern, note this is not an investigation but may assist the RIA to gain a better understanding of the situation and be able to provide you with more timely and accurate advice.
If you would like to bring a support person with you to meet with the RIA this is permitted but make sure you let the RIA know you are doing this in advance.
Be advised there may be times when the RIA may need to consult with other experts about the best way for you to proceed and this may mean follow up and further meetings to ensure you receive the best advice possible.

Will and RIA tell anyone about our discussion?

Your meeting with an RIA is strictly confidential.
RIA’s, do however, like all staff at UOW, have a responsibility to report any research incident or conduct if it:

  • risks the health, safety or welfare of a person, including but not limited to harassment or vilification;
  • risks the security, reputation, viability or profitability of the University’s business;
  • has the potential to interfere with evidence that might relate to the allegations; or
  • demonstrates other circumstances considered to be serious enough to warrant immediate action.

At all times, if this does happen, provisions will be put in place to protect your privacy and confidentiality.

List of RIAs

Research Integrity Office (RIO)

The The UOW Research Integrity Office is designed to promote a consistent and robust approach to investigating and managing potential breaches of the Code.

The RIO is committed to promoting the principles and responsibilities of the Code and subsequent policies, guidelines and regulations.

MichelinaFor all Research Integrity enquiries, questions regarding compliance and permits contact:

Michelina Bajjada
Research Integrity Officer
T: (02) 4221 4969


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Last reviewed: 11 January, 2018