Who is responsible?

"The UOW and all Researchers are responsible for maintaining an environment that fosters a culture of responsible research."

NHMRC Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, Part A: Section 1

UOW responsibilities

The UOW as an institution is responsible for:

  • Promoting the responsible conduct of research
  • Establishing good governance and management practices
  • Providing inductions, training and continuing education for all research staff and students
  • Promoting effective mentoring and supervision or research staff and students
  • Ensuring researchers have access to a safe working environment in which to conduct each research project

Researcher responsibilities

Researchers are responsible for:

  • Fostering and maintaining a research environment of intellectual honesty and integrity and scholarly and scientific rigour.
  • Ensuring research findings are reported responsibility
  • Respecting all research participants
  • Complying with ethical principles of integrity, respect for persons, justice and beneficence
  • Respecting all animals used in research
  • Conducting research so as to minimise adverse effects on the wider community and the environment
  • Reporting research misconduct in a timely manner according to the UOW’s policies and procedures 

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Last reviewed: 18 July, 2017