Gene Technology Review Committee

Gene Technology Review Committee

The Gene Technology Review Committee (GTRC) reviews research and teaching applications which involve dealings with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and ensures that use of all GMOs within the University is conducted in compliance with the Gene Technology Act (2000), the Gene Technology Amendment Act 2015, the Gene Technology Regulations 2001, and the Gene Technology Amendment Regulations 2011. 

Researchers and all others involved in gene technology are encouraged to apply the Ethical Principles in Gene Technology during the course of their work.

Before commencing any research investigation, staff and students of the University are required to submit an application to the Gene Technology Review Committee and obtain approval to ensure that all statutory requirements are met.

The review process follows the guidelines established by the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator. The type of application form required will depend on the type of organism and the intended use.

All persons who will be working in a laboratory certified to use or create a GMO must complete and satisfactorily pass the GMO Quiz on Moodle and complete the Agreement to the Guidelines for the Certification of the PC2 laboratory prior to starting work in the laboratory.

The person must also be provided with a local induction to the laboratory and be listed as an authorised user for the laboratory. Persons who need to complete the GMO Quiz must provide contact details (name, student/staff number, unit, supervisor and email address) to the secretary of the GTRC Penny Potter (ext. 3350) and one of the following: Melinda Chylinski (Site Owner and Biological Sciences), Linda Deitch (for IHMRI), or Ellen Manning (for Chemistry).

Last reviewed: 5 August, 2016