Gene Technology Review Committee

Gene Technology Review Committee
Terms of Reference

The Gene Technology Regulations 2001 (The Regulations) took effect on 21st July 2001 and replaced the voluntary system that had been overseen the by the Genetic Manipulation Advisory Committee (GMAC). Pursuant to legal obligations of the University, the Gene Technology Review Committee has been established to review all dealings with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The Gene Technology Review Committee will ensure that the use of all GMOs within the University is conducted in compliance with the Gene Technology Act (2000) and Gene Technology Amendment Act 2007; and the Gene Technology Regulations 2001 and Gene Technology Amendment Regulations 2007.

The Gene Technology Review Committee shall:

  1. Ensure that the use and generation of BMOs in research and teaching complies with Commonwealth and State Legislation and the codes of practice adopted by the relevant authorities;
  2. Review applications for accreditation of the University of Wollongong with the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator and any other relevant authority;
  3. Inspect new physical containment facilities and review applications from University staff for certification of such facilities prior to submission to the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator;
  4. Inspect any existing approved physical containment facilities on an annual basis or more frequently when required;
  5. Review applications by researchers for work that involves genetically modified organisms (GMOs). These include Exempt Dealings, Notification of a Low Risk Dealing (NLRD), and Licence for Dealing not Involving Intentional Release of a GMO into the Environment (Contained Dealing) (DNIR);
  6. Develop policy and procedures to oversee the use of GMOs in research and teaching;
  7. Maintain a register of all exempt dealings, notifiable low risk dealings and licensed dealings undertaken within the organisation;
  8. Maintain a register of people authorised by the Gene Technology Review Committee to work in the organisation's containment facilities;
  9. Ensure that all persons involved in genetic manipulations are informed of the University's policy and procedures in relation to the use of GMOs in research and teaching;
  10. Ensure that all research and teaching units have in place documented procedures and practices for working safely with GMOs.
Last reviewed: 10 August, 2016