UOW & ISLHD HREC changes

Please note, as of 1 July 2023, the joint UOW & ISLHD HREC will separate and UOW will no longer review NSW Health ethics applications. From 1 July all NSW Health research should be submitted through REGIS to Greater Western HREC for review. For more information, please see NSW Health Applications.

Access REGIS

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How to use REGIS

All research conducted involving NSW Health needs to be submitted through the NSW Health Ethics Portal, REGIS.

The Research Ethics and Governance Information System (REGIS) is a new portal to help manage ethics and site governance approvals of human research projects in NSW and ACT public health organisations (PHOs) and local health districts (LHDs).

Upcoming REGIS training

12 September - REGIS Researcher Training: Registrations open

REGIS help

Please see the REGIS Quick Reference Guides (QRG) for step-by-step assistance in navigating REGIS.

REGIS training for researchers is also available via Webinar sessions coordinated by NSW Health. Session information is available on the REGIS website. Researchers can register their interest in attending REGIS training.

New projects

REGIS requires you to prepare and upload all parts of the submission other than the HREA before you can generate a HREA form.

Step 1: Prepare the research protocol and all supporting documentation
Step 2: Create a project (generate a record) in REGIS
Step 3: Upload the supporting documents
Step 4: Complete the HREA (ethics application form) and SSA (Site Specific Application form) in REGIS
Step 5: Sign off electronically in REGIS

If the application involves UOW evidence of UOW Head of Unit signoff will also be required.  A template for this can be downloaded from the Forms, guidelines and policies page.

Projects involving UOW

If the application involves UOW evidence of UOW Head of Unit signoff will also be required.  A template for this can be downloaded from the Forms, guidelines and policies page.  Please ensure that the form is completed and uploaded with the application in REGIS.

If the application is not being submitted to a UOW HREC you will need to follow the ‘application for acceptance of approval by an external HREC process’ once you have obtained approval from the external HREC.

Pre-REGIS projects

A record has been created in REGIS for all research projects involving NSW Health that were current at the time the REGIS portal went live.

Amendments and reports for these projects must be submitted in REGIS, you will no longer need to access IRMA.

Please note the REGIS records do not include the documents submitted through IRMA, or any related correspondence. If you wish to access documentation in IRMA, such as correspondence you have received or forms that have been submitted in IRMA, you will need to maintain your UOW account to retain access to IRMA.  Please contact if you need assistance.