Small animal housing, procedure rooms, IVIS animal imaging system

Rodent models of cancer, bacterial infection, neuropsychiatric illness & treatment, cognition, & graft versus host disease.

High capacity cryostorage of mammalian and other cell types

The electrophysiology facility includes (patchliner, syncropatch, microelectrode arrays (MEAs)).

Equipment available (funding source):


Exosome purification and characterisation

Multiparametric cellular and particle analyses, live cell sorting

Nanostring gene expression profiling

Histology, immunochemistry, biomarker measurement

In vitro tumour and bacterial infection models, transfection, drug discovery

Mass spectrometry (MS) analyses of small to large molecules; MS imaging, lipidomics; laser photodissociation MS

Mass Spectrometry User Resource & Research Facility

Wollongong Isotope Geochronology Laboratory (WIGL)

High throughput live cell imaging, high resolution confocal imaging, calcium imaging, single molecule imaging (TIRF), FRET and FLIM

Synthetic and medicinal chemistry, catalysis, NMR, chiral HPLC

Expression and purification of recombinant proteins from bacteria and insect cells

Expression and purification of post-translationally modified proteins from mammalian cells

In vitro and C. elegans models of protein aggregation and related diseases, studies of protein folding, phase separation, and degradation

Radiation imaging in animals and humans

Single cell and spatial transcriptomics, single molecule in situ hybridisation

Single molecule fluorescence microscopy, molecular biophysics, fluorescent biosensors, microfluidics

Small molecule X-ray diffraction, organic and inorganic materials chemistry

CryoEM imaging of macromolecules, negative staining EM, shadow-casting EM