External project partners

External Project Partners

Molecular life sciences research and its application to new treatments and therapies is a highly interdisciplinary effort that requires coordination between many partners. UOW’s Molecular Horizons is proud to be partnering with many organisations, within and outside Australia, to ensure that UOW’s investment is optimally used to facilitate research, training, and ultimately combat disease and improve lives.

In the Sydney region, we have partnered with the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) to facilitate access to research equipment before the Molecular Horizons building is completed.

Further, we are working closely with the Ramaciotti Center for Cryo-Electron Microscopy at Monash University in Melbourne and other research organisations in the country to establish networks that will help integrate molecular life sciences research at a national level.

Finally, we are working with a large number of overseas partners in Europe, North America, Asia and New Zealand to ensure access for international researchers.

Industry partners: