Terahertz science, solid state physics

Although known for quite a while terahertz science is one of the most exciting emerging fields. Advances in terahertz technology offer enhanced national security, prosperity and quality of life. The fundamental aspects of terahertz research are closely underpinned with solid state physics, which is by far most important research field helping us to understand physical phenomena observed in wide range of materials. Researchers associated with this group are working in following areas:

ARC Discovery Projects

  • Novel terahertz electronics, photonics and plasmonics in high- mobility, low-dimensional electronic systems (HMLDES)
    Project ID: DP140101501
    Years funded: 2014 2015 2016
    Total funding: $410,000
    Chief investigators: C. Zhang, X. L. Wang, R. A. Lewis, Q. L. Bao, J. Horvat
    Project summary: High-mobility, low-dimensional electronic systems (HMLDES) are of importance in developing the next generation of electronics, photonics and plasmonics. This is due to their very rapid response time and their strong coupling with the electromagnetic field. This project will investigate the electronic and optical properties of HMLDES in the terahertz frequency regime in a search for a new mechanisms leading to terahertz emission and detection. This fundamental research on charge dynamics, plasmonics and non-linear optical processes in HMLDES will link electronics and optics, paving the way for new HMLDES-based terahertz electronic, photonic and plasmonic devices that will significantly expand terahertz technology to the benefit of all Australians.