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The R&I magazine is designed to give UOW's partners, stakeholders and the broader community interested in its work an introduction to the advances it's making in research, engagement and real-world impact.

Throughout our 60-year history, UOW has built an international reputation for world-class research and exceptional teaching quality.
We emphasise partnership and collaboration to deliver real-world impact. We demonstrate our commitment to innovation by giving great ideas a genuine business incubator pathway. We welcome opportunities to share our research and partner with our community. We support each other to enhance UOW's reputation for research excellence and innovation.

We're not resting on our laurels. We are investing in our research and infrastructure to support our academics to produce high quality scholarship of global standard. We are committed to research training that supports up and coming talent to apply knowledge that makes a difference to the world at large. We will continue to strive for excellence.

The University of Wollongong has created pathways for research to have beneficial impacts in the broader community. From its very beginning, UOW has encouraged and nurtured engagement with industry, community and government to tackle the most pressing challenges, introduce disruptive technologies and change our world for the better.

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Impacting our world

UOW generates environmental impact by applying transformational research to make positive changes for the planet. This is demonstrated by big-picture research spanning uncovering Australia’s human history, leading the implementation of sustainable building technologies, understanding environmental processes, supporting governments in marine resource management and tackling issues at the nexus of society and the environment.


Global Impact

UOW generates far-reaching impacts by tackling global challenges to deliver real-world impact. This is driven by our talented researchers who bring a global outlook, strong international connections and internationally recognised excellence to tackle cutting edge research challenges. Their work is supported by institution-wide initiatives such as the Global Challenges Program and the University Global Partnership Network.


Regional Impact

UOW generates impacts closer to home by partnering with local communities to translate innovation into results. We focus on the translation of research into tangible benefits for the wider community and an improved quality of life. UOW has built a strong research reputation and performance underpinned by a variety of factors, including our capacity to successfully foster collaborative partnerships with industry and maintain a strong focus on establishing linkages between our research community



Partners for Impact

UOW generates societal impact by joining with our communities to bring innovative new ideas to life.

We are undertaking life-changing research spanning developing health and energy applications of electromaterials, working with local communities and government to reduce the stigma of dementia, understanding the molecular basis of disease and disease prevention, developing detectors and dosimeters for radiation medicine, and overcoming disadvantage to impact the lives of children.


Innovation through collaboration

UOW generates economic impact by engaging with industry, community and government to solve cutting edge problems.

This is driven by the development of breakthrough steel technologies for industry, improving quality and reliability in electricity supply, advancing technologies and strengthening industrial capacity for defence, and developing advanced materials for automotive, construction and biomedical applications.