Combining chemistry and Aboriginal art

Artist and scientist Stephanie Beaupark is combining her two passions for her PhD research.

New podcast series goes behind the scenes of research into Australia’s natural and cultural history

The seven-episode series includes interviews with seven CABAH researchers, a centre based at UOW.

The future of Port Kembla

An historical and geographical interdisciplinary project


New Sunscreens for Australians

Find out more about the Next Generation Sunscreen project that has the potential to change the sunscreen industry and regulations for the better.

Dental Health Challenge

Every morning and every night we lean over a basin in our bathrooms, squeeze some gooey paste on to the bristles of a stick, and scrub it all over our teeth - or at least we are told to do this every morning and night.

Leading change

Despite being over-represented at undergraduate and entry levels in academia, women are still underrepresented in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine (STEMM) disciplines. Furthermore, women make up only 20% of senior leaders in STEMM, which means Australia and the world are missing out on a large portion of their top talent, expertise and knowledge.

The Smart Garment Project

An interdisciplinary research team involving expertise from the Faculty of Engineering and Information Systems, the Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts, and the Australian Institute of Innovative Materials, is working towards the development of a ‘Smart Garment’.

Turning blue

With almost 60,000 kilometres of coastline, Australians are highly reliant and connected to the ocean and the coastal waterways that surround us. These waterways have supported communities that have resided on our coasts for thousands of years with food and a means for travel. As a nation we are passionate about our coasts and the ocean, there is a feeling of it being important to our culture.

Food- and packaging- for thought

Food – and packaging - for thought: UOW researcher Dr Alison Bell one of 30 worldwide invited to attend global conference on packaging.