Frequently asked questions GRS

How do I apply to study at UOW?
Applying online to study at UOW is quick, easy and secure! Apply now!

Where can I get information about visas?
All student visa applications are managed directly by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

I’m transferring from a different university in Australia do I need to apply to study at UOW?
Yes, you will need to apply to study at UOW via the online application.

How do I defer my offer of admission?
You will need to contact the Future Students Team by email at or phone 4221 3218.

The following arrangements apply to all higher degree by research students commencing in 2020 onwards.

International Postgraduate Tuition Awards for international HDR students:

  1. The duration of a full course International Postgraduate Tuition Award (IPTA) aligns with the standard course duration of the HDR program. The maximum term for all new full course IPTAs is:
  2. Masters by Research – 2 years full time or 4 years part time
  3. Doctorate by Research – 4 years full time or 8 years part time
  4. Eligible students can apply for Sessional IPTAs in two rounds each year
  5. Students are eligible to receive a Sessional IPTA for a maximum of one session only
  6. For students with existing International Postgraduate Tuition Awards (IPTA) please refer to your original scholarship offer letter as the duration advised in your offer letter will remain unchanged.  

 Research Training Program (RTP) fee offsets for domestic HDR students:

  1. The duration of a Research Training Program (RTP) Fee Offset aligns with the standard course duration of the HDR program. The maximum term for the RTP Fee offset is: 
  2. Masters by Research – 2 years full time or 4 years part time 
  3. Doctorate by Research – 4 years full time or 8 years part time 
  4. Eligible students can apply for a Domestic Postgraduate Tuition Award (DPTA) in two rounds each year
  5. Students are eligible to receive a DPTA for a maximum of one session only

Sessional IPTAs and DPTAs
A sessional IPTA or DPTA (4.0 to 4.5 EFTSL in duration) may be awarded to applicants who meet the qualifying criteria and who are jointly approved by the Associate Dean Graduate Research and the Dean of Research. 

Any application for an IPTA or DPTA for a period longer than 4.5 EFTSL must be approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation and the Dean of Research. 

I am a current student completing my thesis and reaching the four year limit. What happens if I go over time?
The new arrangements apply to NEW students commencing in 2020. The old arrangements apply to all current students who enrolled before 2020, i.e. tuition fees are applicable to continuing Doctoral students with EFTSL greater than 4.5 years and Masters by research students with EFTSL greater than 2.5 years.

Can I apply for a sessional IPTA or DPTA?
All currently enrolled students (pre-2020) are eligible to apply for a sessional IPTA or DPTA as per the previous arrangements.

What kind of scholarships does UOW provide?
For domestic scholarship opportunities

For international scholarship opportunities

How do I apply for a scholarship?
You will need to apply for the main round scholarships as part of the online application process to apply to study at UOW.

For the other scholarship opportunities listed on our website you will need to read the information and follow the steps to apply as these may be vary.

For more information on scholarship applications

What is the referee report process?

During the online application you will be provided a link to the report to send to your nominated referees, it is your responsibility to send this report and request your referees to complete it for you. As noted within the application, the University will not request reports on your behalf. Applicants must confirm with the Graduate Research School by phone or email that two reports have been received. Applicants without two complete reports will not be considered for a scholarship.

Referees' email addresses must be verifiable and originating from official university, government or professional sites (e.g. .edu, .gov, .ac). Reports from yahoo, gmail, google or hotmail type accounts will not be accepted. Please be advised that the referees may be contacted during the verification process of your application.

How do I defer my scholarship offer?
You will need to send an email to the Graduate Research School at

When do I find out if my scholarship application was successful?
All applicants will be notified via email of scholarship application outcomes by mid-December for commencement in the following year.

If you are a commencing student who hasn’t enrolled in your degree yet, please start your online enrolment by completing the Enrolment Registration Form. Once completed, Graduate Research School will email you more instructions on how to complete your course enrolment online. 

The orientation program enables you to gain the information you will need as you commence your research journey at UOW and set you up for a successful first year. The Graduate Research School will be facilitating a HDR candidate Orientation session for Spring 2022 on Wednesday 20 July, 1.00pm-3.30pm. Further information can be found here.

If you have been awarded a stipend scholarship offered by the University of Wollongong, please provide the Graduate Research School with a completed Living Allowance Form that you received in conjunction with your scholarship offer. Please include your Australian bank account details. If you haven’t already provided a signed copy of the Conditions of Award which accompanied your scholarship offer, please provide this when you request your scholarship to commence.  

If your scholarship is subject to you signing Intellectual Property (IP) Deeds, please ensure this documentation is complete and returned to Innovation Commercial Research (ICR) Unit at before you request your scholarship payments to commence.  

We will process your stipend scholarship from the date your enrolment commences and if you have been a remotely enrolled your scholarship payments will be back paid to the date you commenced your enrolment. 

Space Allocation 
HDR candidates who require shared office space, laboratory access and access cards can submit a request by completing the HDR Space Allocation Request Form online. Please discuss your request with your supervisor before submitting the form. The request will be sent to your Principal Supervisor for approval. Once approved, Facilities Management Division will allocate space and access cards as appropriate. For lab access, candidates are required to complete a lab induction and obtain approval from the lab owner.  

Student ID Card  
As a newly enrolled student of the University of Wollongong, you are eligible to request a student identification (ID) card. To obtain your new card please complete this request form. Cards will be posted to your nominated Australian address. If you have any further questions regarding your student ID card, please contact the Student Service team. 

Campus Life and Facilities 
Being a student at UOW is about so much more than a degree. You currently have the option to access learning support and wellbeing services online and it’s our plan to see many events, activities, workshops and services return to campus in a COVID-safe way. Please visit the COVID-19 response website for all the information you need to stay safe while navigating student life, including information for students and more specific FAQs for Higher degree research (HDR) students.