Course Design

The elements of Course Design have been developed to assist in:

  1. Providing information and guidance for designing, developing and/or amending a course at the University of Wollongong; and
  2. To ensure that course naming, course structure and course content are consistent for all UOW Qualifications (AQF award and non-award courses) as listed in the General Course Rules.

All new UOW courses level must adhere to the Course Design Procedures and all existing UOW courses at an undergraduate level must be reviewed and re-designed to meet the Course Design Procedures.

The Course Design Process

Effective course design is the key to successful student learning experience and outcome. A higher education course comprises many dimensions, regulatory requirements, threshold standards and pedagogical considerations. These varying requirements lay the foundation for the design process of a course. Course design is a planned sequence of processes and events that lead to a fully developed, coherent, integrated and meaningful learning experiences.

                                  How? Pedagogical Considerations and Minimum Course Requirements

                      (Quality Assurance)

flowchart : think/plan > design > develop > approve

Why? What? When?
Marketing, Viability &

Strategic Relevance

To help you get started we have provided the minimum course requirements and information to assist in answering your questions around course design and development.

Glossary Generic Course Requirements Course Structure



Last reviewed: 9 May, 2017