Print Requisition Form

Print Requisition Form

This form is to be used by UOW staff members to order print and design work from us. 

Download the Print Requisition Form

If you are an external customer wishing to place an order with us, see How to Order Your Print Job

Important Information for UOW Rebrand Project

Due to the Rebrand Project, our artwork/content requirements have changed.

Please read the Information Sheet for instructions on what we need to know about your project to proceed with production and ensure it fits within the new UOW brand guidelines.

This information is to be used in conjunction with the Print Requisition Form. 

How to fill out this form

A. Essential Information

The following sections of the form must be completed for all jobs:

  1. Dates - at the top of the form, enter today's date and the date you require your job. If you don't enter a due date, it will default in our system to five working days.
  2. Client Details - enter your name, department and contact details.
  3. Billing - the account number that will be charged for this job; or the address to send an invoice to. This must be approved by the appropriate authority. 
  4. Delivery details - do you want to collect the finished job or have it delivered directly to you? If you would like to have it delivered, we need your address (i.e. room number, building, etc.)
  5. Job details - briefly describe your job (give it a name); how many copies you need; and the finish size of the job.

How much of the rest of the form you need to complete will depend on the type of job you require. Read Section B for further explanation.

B. Further Information
  1. Cover - This section relates to books, and is asking you for information about the cover stock you wish to use. For example, the type of stock (i.e. gloss, satin, laser, a specialty stock, etc), and the weight (i.e. 200gsm, 250gsm, 300gsm, etc). We also need to know whether it is to be printed with black ink or in full colour.
  2. Text Pages - We need to know how many sheets of paper in your book (or other item); what type of paper you need (i.e. gloss, satin, laser, a specialty stock, etc); the paper weight (i.e. 80gsm, 100gsm, 150gsm, etc.); whether they are to be printed single or double sided; and is it black ink or full colour.
  3. Supply - How are you providing your artwork to us? (i.e. as a hardcopy or as an electronic file). Please note that we prefer electronic files.
  4. Proofs - Do you need to see a proof of your job before we print it? Please note that if you elect to see a proof, then any delays in you providing written approval to print will cause delays in printing your job.
  5. Standard Finishing & Specialty Finishing - Does your job require any finishing processes, for example, folding, perfect binding, saddle stitching, etc. Please select all finishing methods that apply.
C. Submit the Form

When the form is complete, click "Submit" to send it to us. This will compose an email with the form as an attachment. This is the best time for you to also attach your artwork files and any additional information. 

Note: Please do not send any artwork files separately to any particular staff member, as it is important to keep all job information together with the requisition form for processing.

Last reviewed: 22 May, 2015