Distribution requirements

Distribution Requirements

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Postage Weights

  • A maximum weight limit of 20kg applies to ALL items being sent by courier or Australia Post, and any item over 16kg must be identified with a “Heavy” label.
  • All items in excess of 20kg must be strapped to a pallet or a skid. If it is not possible to bring the item/s to the Distribution Centre for despatch, please contact us to arrange a pick-up.

Heavy Items - Important Information

  • If you are arranging delivery to the University of an item heavier than 20kg, you MUST ensure that the item is packaged appropriately and strapped to a pallet or skid. Due to Occupational Health and Safety reasons, heavy items that are not packaged appropriately will not be accepted for delivery as they cannot be unloaded safely.
  • Where possible, please arrange for the delivery of heavy items weighing more than 20kg (e.g. large furniture items, fridges, etc.) direct to your location. Distribution staff can transfer heavy items that  arrive at the Distribution Centre to a loading dock or building entrance, but please note that due to weight and access difficulties they are unable to deliver these to individual rooms.

Reply Paid Envelopes

  • Reply Paid envelopes are to be used for all mail requiring a return reply to the University of Wollongong. With this service, the postal charge is applied only for the items that are actually returned.

Postage Paid Envelopes

  • Postage Paid envelopes can be used when sending mail externally; however they must be sent and processed through the Distribution Centre.
  • Postage Paid envelopes that are posted in external mailboxes (e.g. the red mailbox at the front of the Post office) may incur a fine from Australia Post or may not be mailed at all, because unless they are sent through the Distribution Centre they have not been processed and charged correctly.

Dangerous Goods

  • Only certified personnel are to package dangerous goods for postage or transportation.
  • Goods must be labelled appropriately and have the correct paperwork attached.

Express Post

  • Express Post (paper) envelopes are only to be used for documents, and have a strict maximum weight of 500 grams.
  • Express Post (plastic) satchels are to be used for items other than documents, weighing between 500 grams and 3kg.
  • Items heavier than 3kg can still be sent Express Post. Simply package them appropriately and bring them to the Distribution Centre to fill out the paperwork and attach an Express Post label.
  • The Express Post next day service guarantee applies to all postcodes listed on the reverse side of the envelope or satchel. Deliveries to addresses outside of these postcode areas may take longer than one business day.

Fedex Express

  • All Fedex waybills MUST include the receiver’s phone number and postcode/zipcode.


Last reviewed: 13 May, 2011