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You may be able to arrange parking through the faculty or division with which you have a relationship.  However, parking is limited and UOW encourages you to take advantage of alternative modes of transport such as the free shuttle buses, public bus and train, walking, cycling or carpooling.

Where to Park

Ticketed parking is available in signposted spaces, and you can park for free in the Short-term Parking Station for 30 minutes – fees then apply.  Check parking availability now.

Parking on campus is divided into different categories:

  • Parking Station parking (P1, P6).
  • Pay & Display parking (P3 north, P4, P7 west, P8 south).
  • Carpool parking (P4 north).
  • Permit parking.
  • Reserved parking.

The first two of these categories are known as ticket parking.  The first 3 categories are available to visitors.

Carpool parking is limited to cars bringing 3 or more people to the University.

Permit and reserved parking is limited to staff.

The parking rules around the University are strictly applied and significant penalties apply.  Please pay close attention to parking signs.

Spaces are limited and in high demand – check availability now.  To avoid delays, why not get to uni on the free shuttle bus, or by public transport or bike – it is easier and greener.

Free Shuttle Buses

Free shuttle buses run 7am - 10pm between the University, North Wollongong Station, the Innovation Campus, CBD and key parts of Wollongong.


If you visit the University regularly and want to reduce your carbon emissions, consider sharing your ride.  Find others travelling the same route and times as you on the online carpool system – bring 3 or more in your car for free parking.


Feel great and ease congestion by cycling to the University.  Cycle parking is convenient and safe, and secure parking is available at the Wollongong and Innovation Campuses.  All paths are shared.

NRMA Meeting Points

If you break down, proceed to five roadside assistance meeting places.  Phone NRMA  on the security telephone and quote the identification number on the sign at the meeting place.

Last reviewed: 9 November, 2017


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