Peer Learning Coach, Safiye Cateroglu

Meet Sydney Business School, UOW Alumni, Safiye Caferoglu

Meet Sydney Business School, UOW Alumni, Safiye Caferoglu

Alumni spotlight: Safiye Caferoglu

Meet Safiye Caferoglu, a Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong alumnus from Türkiye. Safiye graduated from her Master of Business with a double major in Marketing and International Business with a distinction in 2021. She is now working as an academic Tutor while pursuing her PhD in marketing at UOW. In this interview, she shares her student experience as well as her career journey in academia.

Journey beyond graduation 

After completing my Master’s degree in Business with a specialisation in Marketing and International Business, I decided to pursue a PhD, driven by my passion for the field. Thanks to the guidance and support of my marketing lecturer, Mercedez, with whom I had taken several marketing subjects, I was able to embark on my PhD journey in marketing. I am currently in my second year of my doctoral studies, while working as a Peer Learning Coach and a sessional tutor in marketing and management at UOW. These roles have allowed me to expand my network, connect with students and share my experiences.

Thriving in the Research Field

The skills and knowledge I gained at UOW have been immensely valuable in my academic life as a PhD research student. The concepts of marketing principles and international business strategies I acquired has been fundamental in navigating complex market environments. The rigorous research training has enhanced my analytical skills, enabling me to conduct thorough market analyses and develop data-driven strategies.

Moreover, the opportunity to work closely with esteemed faculty staff, such as my supervisors, has offered invaluable mentorship and deep field insights. My roles as a Peer Learning Coach and sessional tutor have helped sharpen my leadership, communication, and teaching skills. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience from UOW has been pivotal in shaping my professional capabilities.

Guidance for Professional Development

For future graduates to excel in this dynamic landscape, several key skills are crucial. Proficiency with digital marketing tools and staying abreast of emerging technologies will provide an advantage. Strong communication and interpersonal skills will remain essential for relationship-building and effective idea dissemination in my opinion. Engage actively in networking opportunities, internships, and industry projects to gain practical experience and build valuable connections.

For those considering a PhD after their master's, identifying a specific area of interest for research and understanding is of key importance. Motivation, dedication, clarity of purpose, staying updated on industry trends, and maintaining an open-minded approach to development will be key to success. Whether pursuing an academic path or a corporate career, these attributes will empower graduates.

Reflecting on an enriching experience 

One of my favourite memories was being a member of the Business and International Postgraduate Network (BIPMN). It was an incredibly enriching experience, meeting like-minded students who shared my passion for business and marketing. Participating in various events and activities organised by BIPMN was both enjoyable and intellectually stimulating – these interactions have broadened my network and created lasting friendships.

Refueling for the future 

It's essential to take care of yourself, spend time with your loved ones, and dedicate time to your hobbies throughout your journey. Your mental and physical well-being are fundamental, and finding joy in your pursuits is just as important as striving for career advancement. Remember to savour the experience and maintain a balance that nurtures both your professional and personal growth.