Dr Greg Melleuish

Expertise: History and politics

Faculty of the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities

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Professor Greg Melleuish, from the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry, is a lecturer and researcher with expertise in political theory, Australian politics, ancient history and world history.

As an election analyst, Dr Melleuish has recently written about populism in modern Australian politics, and why we’re not seeing mass support for anti-immigration populists like Clive Palmer and Pauline Hanson. He also predicted a city-country divide at the 2019 NSW election, outlining policies such as council amalgamations which evoked the ire of regional and rural constituents. He has written about factional schisms, national identity focusing on Australia Day and how the population has distanced itself from its imperial roots, explained why MPs do not always deliver on what their constituents want and what today’s leaders can learn from former Prime Ministers.

His knowledge of political ideologies and systems is extensive, able to draw on examples from ancient history to explain the machinations of modern politics.

He is across the preferential system and issues of importance to constituents in every Australian state.

His research focuses on civilizations, world history, war, September 11, the teaching of history, globalisation, democracy, religion, economics, political commentary, national identity, greed, ‘Australian settlement’, the Commonwealth, multiculturalism, nationalism and the effective use of new media in political campaigns.

He was awarded a Master of Arts from the University of Sydney for a thesis on the intellectual history of colonial NSW, and a doctorate from Macquarie University for his study of the tradition of cultural liberalism in Australia.

He has also taught European history at the University of Melbourne.

Dr Melleuish is a political conservative, who supports liberalism and admires the conservative philosopher Edmund Burke.

Professor Melleuish regularly provides public commentary on current affairs in politics in Australia and abroad.

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