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Friday 2 December 2022

Visual Arts Graduate Exhibition showcases emerging talent of UOW students

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Thursday 1 December 2022

Celebrating five years of research excellence

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Virtual to reality: mine training keeping workers safer

Simulating dangerous environments through virtual reality training is helping save lives in the coal industry.

Just add water for new wonder material

Walking on water and a liquid that can stop a bullet sound like the powers of comic book superheroes.

Engineering a solution to rustic art

An artistic representation of the relationship between Australia and Japan has been salvaged from decay thanks to the expertise of UOW materials engineers.

Mathematical model takes the guesswork out of stronger, cheaper construction

Designs for buildings in earthquake and erosion-prone areas could be as easy as entering numbers into a tablet.

Single atom of silicon the building block for next-generation electronics

Discovery of silicon's atomic ‘fingerprint’ could pave the way for ultrafast, small and flexible electronics.

3D printed flutes set to revolutionise the music industry

UOW is exploring the potential for 3D printing to change the music industry through the creation of custom-designed flutes that can play a variety of microtonal tunings unavailable on standard instruments.

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