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Friday 2 December 2022

Soft plastics in the spotlight as iAccelerate holds community meeting

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Thursday 1 December 2022

Celebrating five years of research excellence

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Bridging science and public policy

How Professor Bruce Thom committed his life to the transfer of scientific knowledge into policy development

UOW early career researchers awarded $1.3 million in funding

Dr Elyse Stanes, Dr Anna Farmery and Dr Yannan Li to advance their research over next three years

Backcountry visitors are leaving poo piles in the Australian Alps – and it’s a problem

When you think of backcountry snow adventures, you think of pristine wilderness. But there’s a problem: what to do with your poo.

Pedalling for change

For bikes to get more gravity in the Australian transport network, we need to reposition the car as a well-behaved co-host of the road rather than its rightful owner

The book that changed me: Hugh Brody’s The Other Side of Eden showed what hunter-gatherer societies can teach us today

The territories of Indigenous peoples continue to map onto the regions of richest and most persistent biodiversity and intact ecosystems

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