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Muscle up: Research breakthrough expands potential applications for artificial muscles

New muscles work efficiently at room temperature without the need for heating or cooling

Wollongong-made 3D bioprinters hit the global stage

UOW researchers deliver locally designed 3D bioprinters to Indian medtech experts

Bright ideas win medical research funding

NHMRC Ideas Grants support innovative and creative projects in all areas of health and medical research

Why we need corneal bioengineering

ACES researchers are pioneering a new technique to bioprint corneas to treat a range of eye diseases and conditions

Study to trial peer support for breastfeeding for Aboriginal women

Innovative health and wellbeing projects win Medical Research Future Fund grants

$2.15 million investment in NSW’s fabrication future

Funding will boost research and commercialisation of advanced materials and 3D printing at UOW

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Expertise: Asylum seekers, refugees, war-affected civilians, humanitarian efforts, international aid, forced migrants

School of Humanities and Social Inquiry

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