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To avoid relegation, Turnbull must restore an authority missing since Howard

Being an Australian political leader is a little like being an English Premier League manager. While the team plays well you have the adulation of fans and management; fail and your time in the job will not be long.

UOW championing workplace equality and diversity

Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Wellings CBE has raised the bar for UOW’s commitment to gender equality and diversity, with revised workplace policies in place to support those aims.

Spectacular shark encounters: Fanning’s close shave reminds us we share the ocean

In the wake of the spectacular footage of champion surfer Mick Fanning’s recent shark encounter in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa, and his good fortune in emerging without physical injury, sharks are back on the radar, writes Dr Leah Gibbs. 

Australia’s Constitution works because it doesn’t define national identity

When Australia’s Founding Fathers came together in the 1890s to draw up a constitution to enable the colonies to federate, what did they think they were doing? Looking at the debates and the Constitution itself, one thing is certain. They were not drawing up a document that defined what it means to be an Australian.

Justice Antonio Carpio delivers public lecture on South China Sea

The South China Sea is rich in mineral resources, traversed by global shipping lines and home to fishing grounds that supply the livelihoods of people across the region.

Papuans and Jokowi are hostage to Indonesian politics

Indonesian President Joko Widodo recently announced the end of the decades-long restriction on foreign journalists in the provinces of Papua and West Papua, Indonesia’s territories in the island of New Guinea. While the president, popularly called Jokowi, says he is committed to human rights in the Papua provinces, the military and police continue to murder Papuans with virtual impunity.

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