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UOW Liverpool Campus
33 Moore Street, Liverpool

Our campus located in the heart of Liverpool is ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide and is one of Australia's best universities for graduate employer satisfaction. Focused on delivering specialist courses in the health, social change, and social justice sectors, UOW Liverpool provides students with hands-on learning and access to leading experts throughout their study.

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Choosing to study at UOW's campus in Liverpool gives you an ever-increasing choice of internationally recognised degrees in business, computer science, information technology, international studies, law, nursing, social work, plus a growing range of undergraduate double degrees.

UOW Liverpool Scholarships

UOW Liverpool provides a range of scholarship opportunities aimed at supporting and inspiring our future students to achieve their educational aspirations and give back to the local community.

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The best part of this degree is the support available to students including one-on-one meetings with the lecturers, peer-assisted study sessions from third year students, an academic adviser and so much more.


Bachelor of Business – Bachelor of Laws

In high school I was part of a mentoring program where I got to come to the Liverpool campus and experience uni life. Now I’m a uni student mentor and I really love helping and mentoring other students. 


Bachelor of Information Technology

Being at a smaller campus allows you to feel supported and valued by teachers and classmates, and not like just another number or face in the crowd.


Bachelor of Nursing

I knew that I wanted to go to UOW because of Early Admission and the legal internships that were offered. I did my research and realised there was this amazing university within 10 minutes of my home. 


Bachelor of Business - Bachelor of Laws

The campus has great study rooms and small class sizes, which means I can get to know people from across any degree and have great relationships with my tutors.


Bachelor of Business - Bachelor of International Studies

I’ve been able to use the problem-solving skills I’ve developed to teach myself new things, which has helped with my final year project where I get to create an e-Learning site.


Bachelor of Computer Science

The thing that set UOW apart from other universities was real-world experience and the focus on preparing students for the job they want at the end of their degree. 


Bachelor of Laws – Bachelor of Business

I wanted to study somewhere that I could join clubs, go overseas for volunteer work or do things that I could look back on and tell people I’ve not only gained knowledge but life experience too. 


Bachelor of Information Technology

The UOW Computer Science degree offered the practical learning with special emphasis on collaborative learning, which I find is very important when working in the software industry.


Software Engineer, Scalapay (Bachelor of Computer Science)

The ability to travel and get a practical experience whilst studying at university was so cool to me. I hope to ultimately work in human rights law and use this degree as a really strong foundation in my understanding of the world.


Bachelor of Laws - Bachelor of International Studies

I heard about UOW's new school of nursing. Their employment rates were incredible, on top of brand-new facilities that are only going to get better with further development of the uni.


Bachelor of Nursing