The MakerSpace is a place to safely use tools and equipment to explore your creativity and test your technical skills. It's open to all students and staff to explore.

Welcome to the MakerSpace

Have you ever wanted to explore the laneways of Morocco without getting on a plane? Or create your own game controlled by a banana? Or make something out of nothing on a 3D printer? Now you can.

  • Learn to use new tech and tools.
  • Put your knowledge and skills to practice.
  • Meet like-minded makers.

The MakerSpace is a SAF funded space that officially opened its doors on the 15th of May 2017.


House rules

This is a space funded by students for students, so all we ask is that you follow these general rules:

Safety first

Look out for your other makers and get inducted if you want to use any of the specialised machines.

Watch what you wear

Closed toed shoes are required whenever you are in the UOW MakerSpace, and avoid any baggy clothing that could get you hooked.

Eat before you make

There is no food or drink allowed in the UOW MakerSpace so take a Panizzi break when you need to.

Kid-free zone

UOW staff and students can access the UOW MakerSpace, however, due to the nature of the space, it is a kid-free zone.

Keep it clean

Tidy your work area when you're finished and leave it clean for the makers who come after you.

Want to get involved?

You can become a MakerSpace mentor! Our mentors support students and staff with our equipment and communicate with maker groups and workshops.

Becoming a mentor is a great way to keep on top of current technologies and safe work practices, plus enhances your workplace skills in communication, teamwork and customer service.

Find out more about MakerSpace mentors and how to apply for the volunteer role online.

Video transcript

Located on the Ground Floor of the Wollongong Campus Library, UOW MakerSpace provides access to a range of state-of-the-art technologies available for experimentation by UOW students of all disciplines to get creative.

Inside UOW MakerSpace you'll find 3D printers, wood carving, laser cutting, audio and video editing software, virtual reality equipment, sewing and embroidery machines and more.

Safety inductions are provided, allowing students to engage with equipment independently with support providers on site to extend both personal and academic endeavours.

Students can join the MakerSpace Club as well as engage in specialised events and training to explore current and emerging technologies.

To find out more simply visit the UOW MakerSpace website.

Visit the MakerSpace

Open weekdays, 10am - 6pm